venus en adonis



the love for nature

In addition to tender steaks and ribs from the charcoal grill, our menu evolves as the seasons grow and is inspired by our love of the land and use of high quality produce and local ingredients from sustainable sources. We think responsible food is important.

Want to know what you eat? From farm to fork: discover the taste of authentic origin.

Our chef takes pride in personally knowing the suppliers and farmers who share our ideology through their own commitment to fresh, natural produce.


and free in nature

Everything everything in our own hands, from farm to fork. Our black Angus cattle and pigs come directly from the Dutch farmer. Free from hormones and antibiotics. It is tender and pure in taste. Honest meat has its origin from animals where well-being and quality are more important than efficiency and production. Our chef therefore has direct contact with the farmer and keeps a close eye on the process.

Our black Angus cattle enjoy a free life in nature and run in the middle of the Netherlands. They can move just as much as in the wild and with a spacious pen their well-being is optimal. The cows grow at their own pace because the food they receive is as close as possible to the food they also eat in nature. In addition, the animals are fed grain for 200 days. This increases the quality of the meat.

Dining at V&A means wining and dining on the Prinsengracht, in the middle of the Jordaan. A vibrant part of Amsterdam, where our guests like to start or end their evening…


fish and seasonal vegetables

Environmentally conscious, we opt for fish from Europe, with a focus on the North Sea. This ensures fresh products with a low ecological footprint.

Our fresh seasonal vegetables come from Green Fresh Food and are from farm to fork within a day. With Green Fresh Food as our supplier, we purchase fresh regional products from local farmers to guarantee the quality of our fruit and vegetables.