venus en adonis



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Native Amsterdam owner Joyce Lieven has spent her career celebrating the bounty of the traditional grill at some of the city’s most iconic restaurants including ‘De Nachtwacht’ and ‘Castell’ before opening ‘Venus & Adonis’ in 2015.

The authentic restaurant was named after a beautiful painting called ‘Venus & Adonis’ by a pupil painter of the great Rembrandt van Rijn, just like the owner Joyce Lieven was a pupil at the successful steak restaurant ‘De Nachtwacht’, named after one of the grand master pieces of van Rijn’s paintings.

Today, Restaurant Venus & Adonis blends the spirit of the city’s current dining scene with grilled classics. Can’t choose? Just try them all with our shared dining concept.

“V & A is a MUST DO for any local or Amsterdam visitor. Joyce (the owner) and her team do an amazing job and are always so friendly and inviting!!! Great service, excellent cocktails, and some of the best food in the city.”

Chris Taylor, VS